May 18, 2017

Terre Boreale Takes Travelers Deeper into Kluane National Park

Adventure junkies know the Kluane National Park and Reserve is the ultimate place to seek rugged natural scenery, unforgettable hikes and adrenaline-pumping thrills in Canada’s Yukon. But many travelers don’t get a chance to experience some of the park’s most scenic trails, bluest lakes and rarest wildlife, because they simply don’t know where to find them. That’s why the travel experts at Canada’s leading online global travel agency named Terre Boreale to their list of 111 Ways to Explore Canada’s National Parks in 2017.

The Flight Network team created this comprehensive list, filled with once-in-a-lifetime adventures, unique places to stay and mouthwatering eats, as a way to help Canadians and travelers from around the world make the most of their visits to national parks and the charming towns that surround them in 2017. Terre Boreale was chosen as one of the best ways to experience Kluane National Park and Reserve, because our expert guides take travelers to areas only a handful of hikers and adventure-seekers visit each year. Those who visit the park without contacting Terre Boreale only scratch the surface of one of our country’s most remote national parks.

Mar 14, 2017

A day of dogsledding & tobogganing

Last week on a beautiful sunny day we went dogsledding and tobogganing in the Carcross area. What a great day! It is always fun to see how excited the dogs are when you pick them to be part of the group that will go out. They can’t wait to be on the trail and you should be ready when the musher let them go because they will go with or without you! After meandering through the forest, we got on Bennett lake. Dogsledding on this frozen lake makes you feel tiny, it seems like the lake will never end and that you could keep on going forever… Imagine what the stampeders must have felt like when they were just starting their journey paddling through this vast network of lakes! After facing the wind and the cold temperature we were back at the kennel, congratulating our team for being so awesome and happy to be on the trail with us. After that, we spent the afternoon sliding down Carcross desert. Not an easy task when most of the snow has been blown away but we made it work and even with a few falls, everybody got their share of fun!


Mar 01, 2017

On the ice road

We are just back from our trip up on the Ice Road. A 7-day van tour exploring the Canadian great north! The itinerary starts with a drive along the Klondike Highway which will get us to the well-known Dawson City. This little town was the heart of the Klondike gold rush in 1898. Along the road, we were able to see the Five Fingers rapids (deadly for a lot of gold seekers before the rapids got blasted with dynamite to let the sternwheeler through!) and spot few elks grazing in the sun and even a lynx! Northern lights wise, we got lucky right from our first night in Dawson City and the luck followed us until the end of our journey… Amazing and different shows every night, aurora borealis are truly a treat of the Yukon winter!

The next day we were headed for Eagle Plains, this motel/restaurant/gas station is the only sign of human activity along the Dempster highway. This means nothing but wildlife and wide landscapes from Dawson City to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. Tombstone territorial park is one of the must see along the road, it is called the small northern Patagonia around here…. Picture wide valleys surrounded by ragged mountains and frozen lakes!

After a good night of sleep in the warmth of Eagle Plains we kept on going past the Arctic Circle and the Richardson Mountains, natural border between the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. We went for a short hike to get a better grasp of the vastness of the NWT that were expanding in front of us and the Yukon behind us.

The following days we went up to Tuktoyaktuk and Aklavik, these two small communities are only accessible by the ice road during the winter. Following the meanders of the Mackenzie river like you would in a canoe and driving on the Arctic Ocean is a pretty unique experience!

Northern lights in Dawson City

Short hike in Tombstone territorial park

Lunch break on the Dempster Highway

Defying the -30 to go up a hill in the Richardsons mountains

The Ice Road

Dream team on the arctic ocean

More northern lights while in Inuvik

Feb 14, 2017

Fish Lake hike

One of the awesome things about living in Whitehorse is the easy and fast access to the wilderness. Fish lake is one of those places, drive for less than 45 minutes and you are enjoying views of the lake and all the surrounding mountains! You could spend a half day hiking in the alpine or choose to go for a multi-day hike to explore the mountains and alpine lakes in the area. We still have not done this multi-day idea but it is one of our plan, maybe in the fall 2017…

Feb 05, 2017

Yukon Quest 2017

Every two years we like to go cheer the mushers at the start of the well known Yukon Quest. This dogsled race is one the longest in the world (1000 miles) and run between Whitehorse and Fairbanks. The fastest participants will reach Fairbanks in 10 days! An amazing adventure for these mushers and their 14 dogs!

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