Last week on a beautiful sunny day we went dogsledding and tobogganing in the Carcross area. What a great day! It is always fun to see how excited the dogs are when you pick them to be part of the group that will go out. They can’t wait to be on the trail and you should be ready when the musher let them go because they will go with or without you! After meandering through the forest, we got on Bennett lake. Dogsledding on this frozen lake makes you feel tiny, it seems like the lake will never end and that you could keep on going forever… Imagine what the stampeders must have felt like when they were just starting their journey paddling through this vast network of lakes! After facing the wind and the cold temperature we were back at the kennel, congratulating our team for being so awesome and happy to be on the trail with us. After that, we spent the afternoon sliding down Carcross desert. Not an easy task when most of the snow has been blown away but we made it work and even with a few falls, everybody got their share of fun!