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Press Release – Terre Boréale, a leading provider of eco-friendly outdoor adventures, is thrilled to announce that it is officially a Certified B Corp. This prestigious designation reinforces the company’s commitment to operating as a force for good, prioritizing sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.


Certified B Corps are companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Terre Boréale joins a global community of like-minded businesses that strive to use their platform for positive impact and create a more sustainable future.


By becoming a B CorpTM, Terre Boréale reaffirms its dedication to integrating responsible practices into all aspects of its operations. The company has undergone a rigorous assessment process through the B Impact AssessmentTM, evaluating its impact on workers, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment. Terre Boréale has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining high ethical standards while pursuing profitability.


As a B Corp, Terre Boréale will continue to advance its sustainability initiatives. The company is dedicated to minimizing its ecological footprint and preserving the pristine natural environments it operates in. This includes implementing eco-friendly practices, promoting local conservation efforts, and reducing waste throughout its supply chain.


Furthermore, Terre Boréale aims to create a positive social impact by fostering community engagement and promoting diversity and inclusion within the outdoor adventure industry. The company actively supports local communities and provides opportunities for underrepresented individuals to experience and benefit from nature.


“We are incredibly proud to achieve B Corp certification, which validates our deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility,” said Miléna Georgeault, co-founder and operator of Terre Boréale Inc. “We believe that outdoor adventures should not only be exciting and transformative but also contribute to the well-being of the planet and the communities we serve. Becoming a B Corp aligns perfectly with our values and allows us to amplify our positive impact.”


As Terre Boréale celebrates its B Corp certification, it looks forward to inspiring other businesses in the outdoor adventure industry and beyond to embrace sustainable practices and contribute to a more equitable and environmentally conscious world.