Prior to booking, we invite you to read our Terms and Conditions.

When you are ready to sign up, you can either call us +1-867-335-6712, send us an email at info@terreboreale.com or use our booking page (trip pages) to reach out to us. The first step in signing up for a trip is to read and sign our waiver and release form and fill out our registration form which will be shared with you at that point. Once, we have your waiver signed and your completed registration form, we will send you an electronic invoice for the payment of the deposit.

In our trip itineraries, each tour starts with a Day 0 which is the day you should arrive in Whitehorse at the latest. This day is the first day of the date range for the tour. For example, if a trip itinerary says “June 16th to July 6th”, June 16th is Day 0. In this example, July 6th is the day you can fly home or move on to your next adventure.

Yes. In order to register for one of our trips and participate in our activities, you will be required to read to and agree to our release of liability and waiver agreement. You may view the release agreement hereYou can sign this document online here.

Once you get to Whitehorse, you will need to re-sign the same document.

Trip cancellation and medical evacuation insurance is highly recommended while travelling with us. Due to the risks associated with wilderness travel, an evacuation may require the use of aircrafts and the cost could go up quickly and are covered by the patient. This insurance is not included in the price of the trip and you are required to ensure that you have the sufficient coverage while travelling with us.

If you would like further information and/or a quote on Cancellation and/or Medical evacuation insurance, please contact Karin at Uniglobe Specialty Travel at karin@uniglobespecialtytravel.com or +1 867-668-3300.

Along with their passports, tourists entering Canada from abroad are required to have an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) which costs $7 per person and can be obtained via this website.

Once you get to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, which accessible via direct flights from most capitals, you fly into Whitehorse with either Air North, or Air Canada.

It is in the best interest of all our customers to come well prepared for their adventure. Therefore, we created gear lists which includes mandatory and recommended gear. These detailed lists are specific to each of our tours and are shared with our guests at the time of booking. If you get to Whitehorse without one of the mandatory gears, we will ask you to purchase it before the departure of the trip. This may sound a bit harsh, but it ensures that everyone enjoy their adventure and stay safe while on their tour with us. If you need any help choosing the right brand/type of gear please send us an email and we will be happy to help!

If you travel on your own and do not want to share your room and/or your tent with another customer or tat the number of guests is uneven then you will be charged a single supplement. The single supplement depends on which trip you are booking, and you can find the amount in the price includes at the bottom of each trip page.

There is no obligation to tip your guide but our guides work really hard to give you the most amazing experience 24/7 and if at the end of your adventure you feel like you got a great service then you may leave a tip. As an example, for a 10-day trip, a good starting point would be to give $100/guide/person/trip.

The Yukon is a wild territory therefore you will not always have access to a shower and a washroom.

The toilet in every camp is setup away from the camp so that you can have your privacy, while it may be a bit wild you may also find it nice to have such nice views while doing your business.

While on a canoe trip or a van tour we carry with us a solar shower so that our customer can take a warm shower in the evening when needed. While on a hiking trip however, showers are taken in the rivers or creeks that we find along the way!

The Yukon has a rather dry weather throughout the year. During the short winter days, temperatures vary between 0°C and -40°C. In the summer days are very long, they can have up to 20 hours of daylight in the Whitehorse area and the temperatures are generaly around +15°C. However, temperatures can get below +10°C, even in July, especially if you are hiking in the moutains, and you should expect some chilly nights, with temperatures around 0°C. Please refer to our gear lists to make sure you are prepared for all type of weather.

The number of mosquitoes you will have to deal with will depend on where and when you go on your trip. Mosquitoes are at their peak in June or early July and then their number diminish throughout the summer. While on a tour we always do our best to find breathy camps so that we are not that bothered by them. If you are very sensitive to bugs, protection such as a bug net or bug spray is recommended.

In Whitehorse you will find modern hotels, numerous restaurants serving a variety of Canadian and international cuisine, several souvenir and specialty shops, big box stores like Walmart and Canadian Tire, fast food chains, clothing stores, sporting goods and most of the other services found in capital cities across Canada.

Yukon’s other communities however offer limited services and are much smaller in population. Dawson City is Yukon’s second largest community and although still considerably smaller than Whitehorse, it is a popular tourist destination and offers a good variety of food, accommodation, attractions and entertainment.

If we have not answered all your questions, please call us at +1-867-334-9878 or send us an email at info@terreboreale.com as we want to make sure you have all the information you need before booking a trip with us!