On March 21st, as spring arrived in southern Yukon, we guided a tour up on the northernmost highway in Canada, the Dempster Highway. Even though we have been in this highway many times, we are always so excited to re-discover the beauty of this road that took us beyond the Arctic Circle, up to an astonishing view over the endless boreal forest of the Mackenzie Delta.

Thanks to a beautiful weather, we were surrounded by the vast and breathtaking landscapes of the Yukon all along the way! From the rugged peaks and huge valleys of Tombstone Territorial Park to the vistas of the Ogilvie Mountains, so wide you don’t even know how to capture it with a camera, to the narrow icy valleys of the Richardson Mountains… From the lynx crossing the road in front of us to the moose peacefully eating the shrubs on the other side of the river and from the gyrfalcon nesting in the cliffs to the dozens of caribou walking up the frozen Ogilvie River, what a week that was!

And to make the experience even more complete, we had an incredible show from the aurora borealis above Eagle Plains, only a few kilometers from the Arctic Circle!