Experience the great Yukon winter

The Yukon in winter is a quiet and peaceful place perfect for anyone who wants to live a true northern winter experience. Unlike our summer tours, our winter tours are very comfortable, contemplative adventures, suited for anyone willing to see great white open spaces of the tundra and taiga!

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Beyond the Arctic Circle

Beyond the Arctic Circle

Discover the real meaning of “north” and “winter” through five days on the northernmost highway in Canada, beyond the Arctic Circle! On our way, we will drive through the beautiful Ogilvie Mountains in central Yukon and will have a spectacular view over the Mackenzie River delta, in the Northwest Territories. Every night, your guide, passionate about astronomy, makes sure to give you the best opportunities to see the northern lights!


March 3rd to 9th 2024 – 3 spots left

availabilityGroup size
2 to 6
6 days
difficulty: EasyDifficulty
priceTrip cost
Starting at $3650 + 5% GST