Here is a short presentation of us and what we do at Terre Boréale

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Terre Boréale

After moving to the Yukon in 2011, we have been striding across the land, observing and loving it. This passion for the North gave us the desire and the experience to share this discovery and accompany our visitors in any season and in all peacefulness. Thus our challenge: being able to live on what we love, and starting this professional project from scratch. We wish to offer our clients the experience we live every time we step into our canoe or put on our trekking shoes. The excitement of feeling alone in the world, of moving into wild landscapes, of watching out for wildlife at every turn, and hearing nothing but silence… Such an atmosphere can't be described with images, and even less so with words. You have to live the experience to fully understand it. So don't wait any longer, and join us!


In case you wonder why you should go with us rather than with any other company in the territory, know that our main difference is our group size, with a limit of 6 clients per group plus 2 guides. It seems obvious to us that it is necessary to keep groups small so that each participant has a chance to fully enjoy his/her adventure and to feel the sensation of aloneness in the wilderness. Furthermore, small groups allow us to provide high quality service at all times, through delicious meals cooked on open flames or in a dutch-oven for example, to get to know you better and to share our knowledge and passion about the Yukon with you. We both have a degree in conservation biology, therefore we give great importance to the environment, to its ecology, to its preservation and we always take the time to observe it and all it has to offer!


Hoping to see you soon,


Miléna and Max

Your guides


Hiking Tour Yukon

I grew up in Brittany, France, and I've always been an outdoorsy person. That's why I chose to study conservation biology. After I got my Master's degree in Management of Biodiversity, I decided to take time to travel before starting to work. I first went to visit my sister in Laos, and then made the decision to join Maxime in Yukon. This land looked like the perfect place to be far away from everything but so close to Nature. After living at temperatures around +30°C (80°F), I suddenly got caught in a -30°C (-22°F). The change was radical, but I've been adjusting to this new way of life. I've been discovering the amazing northern lights, and the joy of camping in freezing environments!
I quickly found a job among the Wildlife Conservation Society, consisting in the study of otters in the region of lakes Snafu and Tarfu, south of Whitehorse. I now know every little nook of these two lakes, which have become one of my favorites places in Yukon. Trekking, canoeing, cooking outside in open fire, and living self-sufficiently for a few days, that's what I love here. I was lucky enough to get that job, allowing me to combine all those things, and that's what I want to recreate with Terre Boréale. 



Backpacking Donjek Glacier Cache Lake

I grew up in Annecy, and I've always loved the mountains. I practiced ski racing when I was a teenager, and especially enjoyed the team spirit and the harsh climatic conditions in the Alps. In 2003-2004, I spent a year in Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories, as part of an exchange program. That's when I discovered the Canadian North, its winter, its landscapes. Once back in the Alps, I started studying biology, with the goal of going back to the Great White North one day, and work there with the wildlife. After I got my Master's degree in Biodiversity Conservation, I worked for 6 months for the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux in the Verdon, and then joined a friend from Annecy in Vancouver. We discovered Yukon and Alaska together, and spent over a month alone, canoeing down the Beaver river north-east of Fairbanks, Alaska. After that trip, I decided to try my luck in Whitehorse, Yukon. A week after I arrived there, I got a job for a mining exploration company. This job led me to the most remote locations of this territory, gave me the experience I had always dreamed of, … and so much more! By creating this business with Miléna, we want to turn this passion for the Greath North into a way of life. We wish to accompany our friend and family of course, but also anyone who dreams of exploring boreal lands. 

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