Compare hiking trips

How do I know which trip is for me?

This table provides key points about each of our hiking trips to help you find the best Yukon adventure for you!
When we talk about full backpacks, we mean packs containing all your personal gear (sleeping gear, tent, clothing, etc.) as well as your share of the common gear and food. It’s hard to tell exactly how many kilograms of common gear you will have to carry as it will depend on your morphology, the number of participants and guides and the trip you choose to go on. As a rough idea, you can expect about 8kg of common gear on the “Donjek Glacier”, “Across the Ogilvie Mountains” trips and about 4 or 5kg on the “In the Coast Mountains” trip. The “Kluane Colours” and “Hess Mountains” trips will be in the 5 to 8kg range.
Hiking off trail in the Yukon is very different from what most hikers are used to. It can be tiring and slow as we have to pay more attention and lift our feet more at every step than if we were hiking a mountain trail. A good day of hiking off trail will be about 12 to 15km long compared to the 20 or 30km long days on a trail. This means that even if you have hiked Kilimanjaro, the Annapurna or Everest Base Camps, or any other multi-day hikes following trails, your Yukon hiking adventure will be a very new experience.

Trip nameOverall levelTotal hiking daysDays with full backpack
On or off trail?Max. daily elevation gain (average/day)Max. daily distance
Donjek GlacierVery hard981 day on trail + 8 days off trail+560m (330m)14km
Across the Ogilvie MountainsVery hard77Off trail+600m (+440m)11.5km
In the Coast MountainsHard62Off trail+500m (+355m)11km
Kluane ColoursHard756 days off trail + 1 day on trail+1000m (+415m)13km
Exploring the Ruby RangeModerate60Off trail+500m (+325m)10km
Hess MountainsModerate66Off trail+450m (+210m)9km
Along the Dempster HighwayEasy301 day off trail + 2 days on trail+600m (+400m)10km