Guided hiking tours in the Yukon

The Yukon is one of the wildest territories in Canada which makes it the best place to enjoy a backpacking trip or day hikes while on a van tour. Terre Boréale is proud to offer unique trekking, where no one else goes in the Yukon. Hike in the arctic tundra under the midnight sun, camp along wild rivers and be amazed by the mountains all around you. In the summer you will enjoy wild flowers in full bloom and in the fall, you will see the bright green turn into vibrant orange, yellow and red. Being that far in the wild your chances to meet with the local fauna are high, bears, lynx, wolves, moose or caribou could be one of them!

All our hiking tours are in small groups to get an even wildest experience, if you’re looking for a real adventure or just day hikes along the Dempster highway we have what you’re looking for your next vacation. We are experts in this territory so please contact us if you would like to get a custom Yukon adventure.



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