Hiking Tombstone Yukon


On every price there is 5% GST, what is GST?

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax.


How do I get to Whitehorse?

Once you get to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, which accessible via direct flights from most capitals, you fly into Whitehorse with either Air North, Air Canada or West Jet.

From May till September, Condor offers a direct flight from Frankfurt to Whitehorse.


What gear do I need for my trip with Terre Boréale?

Here is a list of what you need for a canoe trip or a hiking trip.


Where can I find the free shuttle to get to my hotel ?


What is the weather like in the Yukon?

The Yukon has a rather dry weather throughout the year. During the short winter days, temperatures vary between 0°C and -40°C. In the summer days are very long, they can have up to 20 hours of daylight in the Whitehorse area and the temperatures are generaly around +15°C. However, temperatures can get below +10°C, even in July, especially if you are hiking in the moutains, and you should expect some chilly nights, with temperatures around 0°C.


How bad are the mosquitos in the Yukon?

The amount of mosquitoes you will have to deal with will depend on where and when you go on your trip. Generally speaking, mosquitoes are at their peak in June or early July and then their number disminish throughout the summer. If you are very sensitive to bugs, protection such as a bug net or bug spray is recommended.


Is there access to washrooms/bathrooms during Terre Boreale's trip ?

The Yukon is a wild territory therefore you won't always have access to a shower and a washroom. While on a canoe trip or a van tour we carry with us a solar shower so that our customer can take a warm shower in the evening when needed. While on a hiking trip however, showers are taken in the rivers or creeks that we find along the way!


What facilities and services can be found in Whitehorse?

In Whitehorse you’ll find modern hotels, numerous restaurants serving a variety of Canadian and international cuisine, several souvenir and speciality shops, big box stores like Walmart and Canadian Tire, fast food chains, clothing stores, sporting goods and most of the other services found in capital cities across Canada.

Yukon’s other communities however offer limited services and are much smaller in population. Dawson City is Yukon’s second largest community and although still considerably smaller than Whitehorse, it is a popular tourist destination and offers a good variety of food, accommodation, attractions and entertainment.

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