Backpacking in the Yukon Kujo Ridge

Environmental commitment

In the way we live our lives, and the education we received, we have always tried to behave as respectfully as possible towards our environment. Yukon is still a wild area, so it's all the more important that we keep it safe from any human impact. Consequently, we find it natural to adopt certain rules in our explorations.


Here are some basic camping rules that you will have to apply during your trip with Terre Boréale:

- bring back all the garbage

- use biodegradable products for dishes, and dispose of the waste water far from any natural water source

- make sure the fire is out before leaving the camp


While travelling, a simple rule allows to limit the impact we have on the nature around us: stay on the trail when there is one, and scatter when there is none.

The observation of wildlife is a crucial aspect of your stay in the North. A successful observation means keeping animals safe as well as the observers. When an encounter occurs, excitement can get overwhelming, so it's essential to keep in mind some basic principles:

- stay away from wild animals

- don't follow an animal that's trying to get away

- don't feed wild animals


We do our best to cook local products, so that your experience gets as close to Yukon as possible, but also to support local producers and reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can.

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