Guided Canoe Tours in the Yukon

Our guided canoe trips are designed for the paddlers who would love to feel alone and immerse in the wilderness. Following the history of the gold seekers from 1898 we paddle down this beautiful Yukon River which starts on British Columbia and end up all the way to the Bering sea. Our canoe trips along the Yukon river are a perfect blend of natural landscapes, History and relaxation. For the best experience don’t forget to look at our guided hiking tour in the Yukon, this will give you a real taste of what this beautiful territory has to offer!


Our adventures on the Yukon river are on total autonomy we would be carrying everything we need from the start till the end of the trip. We will stop along the river to visit old wood camps, gold dredge and sternwheelers which sank hundred years ago. After paddling between 4 to 6 hours a day we will set up camp, build a fire and cook gourmet dinner on an open fire. You will have time to fish, read or simply relax by the mighty Yukon river.


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