Feb 11, 2014

Winter camping on Snafu Lake

After a warm month of January in the Yukon, February was rather cold. And that cold made us feel like wintr camping, so that's what we did. We left Whitehorse on a Saturday morning with a group of friends and the van full of gear and food and we drove down to Snafu. It took a couple guys 3 to 4 trips to carry all the gear between the van and the lake using skis and pulkas while the rest of te group was clearing out the snow for the tents. Shortly after lunch, everything was ready: the two wall tents were up, the stoves were installed and the fires were burning, and we had enough wood split for the week-end. In the afternoon, some of us went for a stroll on the frozen lake while others simply enjoy the gorgeous sun, the warm -15°C and the silence which was only distrubed by the sound of the cracking ice!

We then had a perfect evening in a warm tent while the temperatures were dropping outside. We enjoyed a delicious moose stew and an endless dessert... we even had the chance to observe some northern lights a couple hours before the sun came up Sunday morning.

Despite the -35°C the next morning, we all had a great experience that week end. Definitely something you should try out one day !

Our camp seen from the lake

Going for a walk on the lake, with Jubilee Mountain in the background

Otter tracks on Snafu Lake

Wall tent at night

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