Sep 25, 2018

Paddling the Big Salmon River - Part 3

We know have 6 days to get to Little Salmon Village on the shore of the Yukon River. Rapids, wildlife watching, beautiful camping spot and good food are part of the plans!

The Big Salmon River, a paradise for Nature and wildlife lovers!

Our first day on the river is mostly spent avoiding log jams and sweepers which are numerous at the start of the river. It has been a while since we used our canoe skills and it’s quite fun to be reusing them on such a sweet little river! We stopped twice along the way to check out our way through dead trees and lucky us we didn’t have any portage to do! With all the stuff we took with us it would have been a lot of work to take everything out and put everything back in!

We get lucky with wildlife as well. The first moose we see is right in the middle of the river (which is 20m wide at that point), as soon as he sees us he freezes and watches us going down the river which carries us right his way… Great observation until he realises that we’re getting closes and closer and run away in the forest when we get 20m away from him. This first young male will be the first of eight moose that we will be seeing along the river.

Of course, when you leave on river trip knowing that is supposed to be great for wildlife your expectations are high, but we were not disappointed! On top of the moose, we also saw four lynxes, a black bear, stone sheep, beavers and a bunch of ducks often with their ducklings!

After we got out of the messy upper part of the river, the river become a mix of fast water crossing pebbles banks, offering great views on the mountains around and slower parts with large meanders which take us through the boreal forest with beautiful undergrowth.

 Every night we pick our perfect camp spot, with river view of course, and cook gourmet meals, as usual wink ! Even without customers we like to treat ourselves!

Overall, this paddling trip was a great experience and a Yukon adventure as we enjoy them, beautiful and simple!

This is what the upper part looked like

This young moose hold that pose for almost a minute before running away!

Sunny evening on the Big Salmon

Floating down the river, taking our time...

Breakfast the most important meal of the day!

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