Sep 11, 2018

Paddling the Big Salmon River - Part 2


Of course, getting in bed at 3am we didn’t leave the camp before noon the next day. But who cares days are long in the Yukon and we don’t have much paddling to do today!

From Quiet Lake to the start of the Big Salmon crossing Sandy Lake and Big Salmon Lake

After getting ready, we leave our camp leaving Simon behind ho will be fishing the whole day before getting back to Whitehorse. Right from the start we are surprised by the size of the river, it’s really small and way easier to look for wildlife than when paddling the Yukon River!

Let’s face it the weather is not that great, but we are so excited to start our little adventure that we don’t care that much. The only thing we’re hoping is that the lakes are easy to cross… Sandy lake is small, and we cross it without problem, Big Salmon lake is a bit bigger and rain is all over us, wind is blowing lucky us quite in the right direction! After passing a tip we end up with the wind on the side, the waves are big, and the water is getting in! That’s when we decide to stop for a lunch on the shore, finding on old tree to protect us for the rain and the wind before crossing the end of the lake.

After lunch, the weather is getting better and we can finally cross the end of the lake and get to the Big Salmon. It’s not easy to find the start of the river it is small and the high grass around it makes it hard to see it. But we finally found it!

Getting ready to leave our first camp on Quiet Lake

Just few minutes after leaving Quiet Lake

Crossing Sandy Lake and enjoying the rain!

The weather is not better on Big Salmon Lake!

Finally we're down with the lakes, let's start paddling the river!

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