Mar 07, 2018

Ice cave discovery

One week after our failed attempt to reach the ice cave with snowshoes, we decided to go with our snow machine this time. This was the only way we could make in time to be back in Whitehorse for our 4:30pm meeting!

A good of ours joined us with her machine. It took us only 16 minutes to ride up the creek to the cave. The wind was crazy again, but with helmets and goggles it did not stop us this time! The last section of the ride got very technical as the fierce winds exposed many large rocks along the river bed. Miléna was looking for the ice cave as we passed the 6km mark, thinking that with the snow flying all around us we could easily miss it. Impossible, the ice cave is in fact an ice tunnel right over the creek we ere following… hard to miss!

The experience inside the cave was fun and thrilling! The wind, being funneled through the cave created a tube of snow snaking right in the middle of the tunnel. That was cool to see!

The wind forced us to have lunch lower down in the valley where we found shelter in the trees. Once we got back to the van, the dark clouds cracked and let a beautiful sun shine on Kluane. I guess we’ll have to come again if we want to see the ice cave in the sun!


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