Jan 01, 2019

Donjek Glacier Trek - part 3

The Donjek trek is not only a hiking adventure, it’s also an experience where one learns how to read the land, interprets the signs of passing time on the mountains and understands the geomorphological phenomena that take place around the glacier. In fact, for those who are interested, understanding what is happening between the glacier and the terminal moraine is a real challenge! Through our trips around the Donjek Glacier, the terminal area has never looked the same: sometimes a lake is covering the entire zone, sometimes only half, some other times the lake is completely gone and reveals a fast-flowing creek digging its way through gravel and ice, right at the snout of the glacier… Two river beds are visible exiting the terminal lake area, one being 15m higher (altitude) than the other, we have seen both flow at different times.

In an effort to better understand what’s going on, we have contacted a team of glaciologist who have worked around the Donjek Glacier in the past and have shared with them our observations and photos. They had no idea ice was hiding underneath the gravel at the bottom of the terminal lake… Need less to say this is all fascinating and brings an educative side to the adventure!


Getting closer to the glacier...

Looking at the 6km wide ice wall of the Donjek Glacier, from the terminal moraine.

The terminal lake of the Donjek Glacier.

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