Dec 14, 2018

Donjek Glacier Trek - part 1

It did not take long for our group of three to become more than strangers in August on our Donjek glacier hike in Kluane National Park. Coming from Quebec, France or the Yukon, we all brought our share of good mood and energy to the group! And that was a good thing because on the first day we had to work together, quickly, to set up camp before the rain hit us. We were in the Burwash Uplands, way past the tree line and the rain that was starting to fall would not stop until the next day at lunch. It’s at times like these that having the right gear is critical to stay dry and warm!

When crossing the tundra the next day, on our way to Burwash Creek, the cold wind sweeping the plateau forced us to keep going to not get cold until we reached shelter in the shrubs. Luckily, the rain stopped then and we could enjoy a well-deserved warm lunch!

As we were approaching camp and the border of Kluane National Park, we saw a wolf on the other side of Burwash Creek. It did not seem to mind our presence (we were about a kilometer away from it) and was headed straight to where our camp was. Unfortunately, we did not see it past this observation, but once we got to camp, we understood why the wolf was coming this way: there were Dall sheep everywhere in the area, above camp in the rock outcrops, across the river, further up the mountain towards Hoge Pass. This was clearly there home and we were just passing by!

On the old minig road

Our first encounter of the trek! Grizzly bear in the Burwash Uplands.

Dall sheep above camp

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