Apr 18, 2018

Best memories in the Yukon #4 - Backountry skiing !

This memory is more Milena’s as she was a beginner skier when she got to the Yukon. From Whitehorse, it only takes a couple hours to be in the mountains, backcountry skiing. So, of course we had to give it a try, it’s one of the local winter activity! We had very experimenced friends that were willing to take us on our first backcountry skiing trip! Milena had tried skiing only once near Whitehorse... let’s say that she was new to it but had a rough idea of what to expect ! But their are so many slopes to choose from, we picked the easy ones! we rode our snowmachines up and let them "ghost ride" back down, on their own. The engine and the deep snow eventually stop them! The sun wasn't really with us that day but skiing in from of all these never-ending views made for a great day and great memories!


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