Apr 04, 2018

A littl bit more than 6 years in the Yukon!

We have now been in the Yukon for more than 6 years and we’d like to share some of our experiences with you. It was hard to pick only five memories, but here is our number 5 of our best memories !

Driving on the ice road and reaching the Arctic ocean !

The first time we did this trip was with our Ford Escort. We had 5 days off work and decided that we could make it work! So, we pilled our warm sleeping bags, duvet cover and extra gas into our little car and left, driving north on the Klondike Highway and then the Dempster Highway. It was quite cold, around -25°c every morning. We would wake up in the back of the car with frost all around our faces and during the day the back windows wouldn’t even defrost… We were amazed by the Tombstone territorial park and the Dempster Highway, colours were soft and the white snowy peaks mixing with the turquoise of the visible ice was beautiful. We reached the ice road on day 3. That was a fun day! Driving on the Mackenzie river following the meanders on this road up to 50m wide in some places! And then at some point the trees disappear and so does the river bank and eventually you come upon a sign that says “Arctic Ocean”. That’s when you realise that beneath your wheels is an ocean! We reached Tuktoyaktuk and took a stroll in this little community which, at that time, was only connected to the rest of the world by air during the summer and ice road in the winter. We didn’t have much time to explore as we had two days to get back to Whitehorse. On our way back, we experienced the road closure between Fort McPherson and Eagle Plains. We got stuck for 24 hours because of extreme wind on the Yukon side of the Richardson Mountains. This made our winter expedition to the Arctic ocean even more complete!


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